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Lucknow is a wonderful place and can be visited just about any time throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Lucknow is usually from month of October to March. This is usually the peak season for traveling Lucknow. The weather in Lucknow varies from time to time and there are some extremities in the climatic conditions also. Although there is no reply as such for describing the ideal time to visit Lucknow.

The summers of Lucknow are pretty extreme and the temperatures can go up to 45° Celsius during the months of May and June. The temperatures can go down to as low as 3° Celsius, during winters. However, winters are pleasant and the afternoons are usually temperate. The temperature is usually enjoyable during October to March and this is the time when tourists gather this place, as it is easier to travel around in a good weather.

Lucknow has a hot subtropical climate with warm summers and cool dry winters. 
  • Winters (December to February) are cool with a maximum temperature of 32°C and minimum touches as low as 4°C or less. Fog formation is seen very often during the winters. The period is most suitable for sightseeing in Lucknow.
  • Summers (March to June) are quite hot, especially the month of April and May with a rise in temperature up to a level of 45°C and above making it difficult for tourist activities.
  • Monsoons (July to September) receives medium to heavy rainfall. Monsoons days are not suitable time for making tourist visits.
The month of October to March weather is favorable for carrying out all types of tourist activities. Summer months are hot and are not a suitable time for tourist visits. Monsoons can be pleasant if you like rains.

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