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Key Facts to Consider Before Renting the Right Car Rental

There are some major factors that will determine your car rental price. Knowing them will help you to understand the prices.

1. Drivers age 
Check if you are eligible to drive chosen group - this specially applies to young drivers. Some car groups have different age restrictions, for example vans, premium vehicle groups. read carefully rental information before booking the car in order to avoid problems later.

2. Before you plan to book, ask yourself about travel plans
All companies have certain restrictions about crossing borders, always check cross border -  Driving Restrictions in rental information to be sure you can travel abroad. Please note certain suppliers might as well charge you for crossing border, called cross border fee. Some suppliers might allow traveling abroad with rented car only with smaller car groups; more expensive vehicles might not be allowable. If you are not sure, contact us
babacarrental and we will check for you.

3. Driving license
UK licenses holders need to present the photo card. If your license is not in Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you need to bring an International Driver license and your domestic license. If you’re renting abroad (outside the EU) International driver’s license is usually required regardless of the alphabet.

International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver. If you are not presenting all required papers from your side may be a reason for supplier to decline the booking and not give you the ordered car.

4. Do you want to leave the car in another city or country?
Whenever you leave the car out of country of rental, this is called - international one way fee - always included already in the online price you see on our site. Logically these types of rentals are more expensive!

5. Type of transmission:
In European countries manual transmission cars are more common, therefore cheaper than automatics. These are just some factors that will affect the final price of your rent car or services. If you have any doubt, contact our customer support for other enquiry or information. However, we encourage you to read rental information always available with every single car offer.

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