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Safety Tips while Travelling by Road

You have planned a road trip to a distant city and you and your family members are quite excited about it. But before you set off for a road trip here are few points for you to take care of.

1. You are advised to get your vehicle tuned up. I mean before starting the journey, you should visit a mechanic and get your tires, engine oil, battery, AC etc. checked as they should be working in an excellent condition.
2. Carry an emergency kit which would include Water, warm blankets, a flashlight, a first-aid kit.

Make sure child safety locks are activated on windows and doors within reach of curious hands.
4. Avoid distractions as cell phones at the time of driving.
5. Clean your headlights, taillights, signal lights to have a clear vision at night.
6. Please don’t race with somebody over the highway as this invites troubles.
7. Don’t drink and drive. If you have a driver then it’s ok but don’t let the driver drink.

8. Always follow the speed limits as driving too fast or too slow could create problems.

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