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Explore your Favorite Metropolitan with Car Rental Services

Holidays always bring smile to everyone’s face be it a young one, a professional or anyone. The vacation name itself is enough to make us start shopping and planning. For the people who especially reside in tier 2 or 3 cities, the four metropolitan cities are a major attraction and at some point of time everyone feels like visiting these places. The reason behind this is the metros of India are worth watching because all the metros have a history which differentiates them from the other cities and that’s the reason why they are known as Metropolitan. So let us look briefly at our metro cities.
Delhi: Tops the list among the metros as it is the capital of India and lives up to its name. Mughals have a rich history over this city and Even English people created histories.  The city is known for its historical monuments and Mughal architecture. The city boasts of having Red fort, jama masjid, Qutub Minar and many more on one side and at the same side it has Lotus Temple, Akshardhaam temple and Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.
Mumbai: Being the economic capital of the country draws its history mostly from British and Parsee people. The city houses  marvelous sea shores, gateway of India, Siddhivinayaka Temple on one side and at the same time it has all the big corporate housed over there like NSE, and almost all the leading companies have their headquarters in this city.

Kolkata:  It is a slow moving metropolitan city in which you can clearly see the impact of British rule and Victoria Memorial is the living example of the same. Country niche temple of goddess kali Dakshineswar kali temple is situated in this city. The city is full of joy and is major center of art and literature. Last one is Chennai which lies on the southern part of India and is the only metro city which witnesses the rise and fall of ancient Dravidian rulers. The architecture is marvelous and worth watching. Chennai like Mumbai is a coastal region with a rich heritage.

So friends it’s up to you to decide which Metro city you want to visit but do visit one or if you wish all of them!!!         

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